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Explore the world IYOSUI’s global expansion into the world via oceans

World market as a new business field

Today world is becoming more and more borderless in many fields. Domestic resources and materials as well as labor costs transition according to international market as if they are synched up. We have been in business actively and always thinking from a global perspective even before such things and services were in place.
We have learned the needs other countries have and what they value, which now allows IYOSUI to serve the clients with all care. Our excellent performance has well demonstrated in overseas as well such as in North America and Asia where we have established our credibility.

Understanding the local market plays a key role in global marketing strategy

The challenge in the overseas market is to overcome the food custom and difference in values, in order to create products that can prevail in the global competition. Our advance into the global market applies the aggregation of local strategies by perceiving the food culture as well as the life style in the country, which allows us to focus on the key demand in the local market. It’s not necessarily the case that people accept the products only because they are high-quality Japanese products. The key role in advancing into the global market is how we accommodate the local needs including the favorable taste, size, how it is transported, environment criteria, and so on, to provide the detailed services sufficiently.

Getting to know the place opens up a starting point for developing a new market

To be able to provide products in order to get accepted by overseas market with different culture and history, the most important factor is to learn the local marketing background and people’s life style. To do so, we must go beyond looking at the information obtained from statistics and database since it supplies no more than the superficial data which is not sufficient. Global strategy in fishery greatly differs from that of industrial such as used for mass production. Through the steady research about the country by visiting the location, knowing the people’s life style, and getting a grasp of business practices as well as industrial structure, as we believe, will lead our new marketing development to success.

Message from IYOSUI – Our core values

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