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Privacy Policy

IYOSUI Co., Ltd defines Privacy Policy and set it up as follows. We promote the protection of Privacy by enforcing all the employees acknowledge its importance and making them act accordingly.

Management of personal information
We keep the personal information of our clients as accurate and updated as possible at all times and take necessary steps In order to prevent the data to be illegally accessed, lost, damaged, tampered, or leaked; we manage the personal data by maintaining the security system, having the management structure in place, and providing employees a thorough training on handling and secure data.
Purpose of use of personal information
We use the personal information we collect from the clients to send emails or materials, to deliver company messages, to present our business outlines, or to use as a part of response to questions we receive.
Prohibition of sharing personal information with third parties
We properly manage the personal information we collect from the clients and do not share it with the third parties unless one or more of the following circumstances apply:
  • We have a client’s consent
  • We share the client’s information to our outsourced business agent in order to provide the service requested by the client
  • We must share the client’s information upon requests for legal compliance
Security Measures of personal information
We take prudential measures for securing the safety and accuracy of personal information.
Identification Inquiry
When a client requests to access the personal information for the purposes of inquiry, modification, or deletion of data, we require the client to verify the identiy to serve the request.
Review of Compliance with laws and regulations
We review our compliance with the Privacy Policy as required to improve the rules while we strictly observe the Japanese Laws and Regulations regarding the personal information.
Contact Us
For questions or inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us by phone, fax, or mail to the following address:
IYOSUI CO., Ltd. Head Office
3-1-8 Sumiyoshi-cho Uwajima Ehime 798-0003
TEL: +81-895-24-5665 FAX:+81-895-24-6287