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Basic Compliance Rules

We at IYOSUI set forth the Basic Compliance Rules as below to prevent any occurrence or recurrence of violation of laws.

In this document, Basic Compliance Rules is defined as an act of serving compliance with the company regulations and ethics (referred to as Laws and Regulations in the rest of the document).
(Management Policy)
Article 2 Basic Compliance Rules shall be the basic policy on the company management.
(Obligations of employees)
Article 3 All employees must carry out his/her work with common sense and responsibilities as a member of society as well as conscientiously obey Laws and Regulations.
(Prohibited matters for employees)
Article 4 All employees must not conduct any of the following actions:
  • (1) Act of violating Laws and Regulations for oneself
  • (2) Act of commanding or inducing other employee(s) to violate Laws and Regulations
  • (3) Act of conniving for other employee(s) violate Laws and Regulations
(Obligation to report and notify)
Article 5 An employee must report to the company immediately should he/she find out other employee(s) has violated any of the rules stated in the above articles.
(Disciplinary Actions and Punishment)
Article 6 Company can execute Disciplinary Actions against an employee who has violated the Article 5 based on Rules of Employment.
(Disclaimer Limit)
Article 7 An employee cannot use any or all of the followings as a reason to defend oneself to disclaim the action of having violated Laws and Regulations for oneself.
  • (1) Lack of correct knowledge regarding Laws and Regulations
  • (2) No intention of disobeying Laws and Regulations
  • (3) Compulsory by other employee(s) through command or instigation
  • (4) Purpose of attempting to increase company profit
(Preliminary Consultation)
Article 8 An employee must consult with his/her manager or a person in charge when being uncertain of whether his/her action or decision goes against Laws and Regulations. If a manager or a person in charge of the matter is not available, an employee may consult directly with company CEO.
(Corresponding Action)
Article 9
  • (1) Company must notify the administrative body as well as relevant associated partners in occurrence of any incident that corresponds to violation of the Laws and Regulations
  • (2) Company shall set up a task force on settling down the situation under the responsibility of CEO and related department(s) taking necessary action accordingly, to grasp the current situation and to prevent the expansion of the damage.
  • (3) As soon as it is confirmed the situation has been settled down, company shall validate the case promptly and report the gathered data to the appropriate parties regarding what caused the incident, what was the result of it, how the company dealt with it, and finally how the company can prevent its recurrence.

Additional Note: This rule is effective as of April 10th, 2012.