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About us

Company name IYOSUI Company Limited
CEO Tatsuya Ogihara
Founded January 24th, 1991
Capital 10 million yen
Annual Sales JPY10,302,300,000 (Fiscal ended August 2016)
Number of employees 76
Head Office 3-1-8 Sumiyoshi-cho Uwajima, Ehime
TEL/FAX +81-895-24-5665 / +81-895-24-6287
Web site http://www.iyosui.co.jp/en/
Business Field Sales and Trading of All Kinds of Seafood, Feed Business, Marine Product Processing Business, Custom Broker and Ship`s Agent, Liquor Trading
Facilities Processing plant, Live fish distribution center, Freezing and refrigerating warehouse, Bonded warehouse, Moistened pellets manufacturing factory
Associated company Sumiho Maru Katsugyo Unpan K.K.(Sumihou Live fish transporation Co., Ltd)
Correspondent banks The Iyo Bank, Ltd, Uwajima branch;
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, Takamatsu branch
Main customer Mie Prefectural Federations of Fisheries Co-operative Associations/Daitogyorui Co., Ltd./Uoichi Co., Ltd./Japan Foods Create Co., Ltd./Skretting Co., Ltd./YAMASAKI GIKEN Co., Ltd./A-marine Kindai Co., Ltd./DALIAN TIANZHENG INDUSTRIAL  Co., Ltd./SEO BU PRODUCTS  Co., Ltd./Hyoshoku Co., Ltd.


1983 Tatsuya Ogihara takes a part in establishing Sumihou Live fish transporation Co., Ltd and becomes an executive director.
Mainly works on transportation business via fresh fish carrier on the sea; provide information service to promote fresh fish, seeds and seedling, and so forth.
Starts trading with China.
Captures Sea bass seedlings in Shandong province in China and imported the seedlings to start farming a new species of fish, which was the first successful attempt in Japan resulting in leading the domestic fishery industry. First successful attempt in Japan
1991 Tatsuya Ogihara establishes IYOSUI Co., Ltd and becomes CEO.
Mainly focuses on live fish trading overseas and seedlings sales, starts sales of both formula and live feed.
1992 Starts live fish sales via live fish carrier.
Succeeds in catching wild yellow tails by Makiami fishing (a type of fishing to use a round haul net) in the Sea of Japan and feeding the young yellow tails; establishes a system of sales and marketing system.
Conducts cultivation of middle-sized sea bass in Zhejiang Province, China and importing them.
Works on commercializing wild live fish caught by Teichiami fishing. (a style of fishing to use a fixed shore net)

Live fish distribution center

1993 Opens Uwajima live fish distribution center.
1994 Conducts a catch of chicken grunt seeds in Guangdong Province in China and importing them, engages in farming and promoting the new fish species.
Conducts a catch of greenling seeds in Liaoning Sheng Province in China and importing them. First successful attempt in Japan
1995 Starts trading with Korea.
Conducts a catch of greater amberjack in Hannan Island in China and importing them.

Conducts farming of pufferfish (Torafugu) in Hebei Province in China and importing them; Encourages the popularization of pufferfish among people, which is generally known as high-quality fish. First successful attempt in Japan

Conducts farming of pearl oyster in Guangdon Province in China and importing them, which helps domestic wild original of the same kind that had been driven to die on a massive scale. First successful attempt in Japan

Conducts a catch of kingfish seeds in Liaoning Province in China and importing them; Engages in farming and promoting them in Japan. First successful attempt in Japan

1998 Opens “ふたな-FUTANA-”, our processing plant.
Starts polishing process on globefish.

Head office

Processing plant “ふたな-FUTANA-”

1999 Starts processing salted and dried product.
2001 Moves head office from Meirin-cho, Uwajima to the current location.
Starts operating freezer and refrigerator to produce frozen and refrigerated products.
2002 Opens a manufacturing plant for moistened pellets (Feed for fishery farming); starts manufacturing and selling pellets; developed the formulation of the pellets through collaborative research with Skretting Co., and Kagoshima University.
Acquires a general marketing authorization of veterinary medicine; starts selling veterinary medicine.
Acquires a permission to possess a bonded warehouse.(bonded refrigerator)
2003 Starts transporting a live fish carrier used between Japan and China via a route that connects Qingdao in China and Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan
2004 Develops a multi-purpose live fish carrier that can be used via international route. (Establishes the low-temperature and long-distance transportation technology)
2006 Starts trading with Korea via transportation of live fish carrier between Japan and Korea utilizing the route of Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi, Japan and Busan, Korea.
To be able to accommodate the increasing demand for Japan made fish in Korea, we accelerate the trade by exporting products in live fish transport ship.
2008 Issued the initial Private Placement Bond with bank gurantee. (debenture)
2009 Introduces NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo And Port Consolidated System); starts a customs clearance run by IYOSUI; authorization as a shipping agent.
Starts domestically shipping of fresh fish in earnest.
2010 Starts carrying out a plan for building a HACCP authorized factory capable for handling an export to foreign countries.
Took part in planning an establishment of a joint venture, ”Nine Wave” to promote export of Ehime-made fishery products.
2011 Processing plant completed.
Starts exporting processed goods to Northern America and Asia.
2013 Issued a second Private Placement Bond with bank gurantee. (debenture)
Took part in planning a nationwide fishery products export promotion council.
Started to work as a Customs brokerage and marine vessel agent.
2014 Opening of Bonded Warehouse in Ehime, Uwajima-city.
Succeeded new hybrid fish production, crossing epinephelus bruneus and giant grouper in China.
2015 Opening of Bonded Warehouse in Osaka, Kishiwada-city
Acquisition of License of Exporting Liquor
2016 Opening of Branch in Osaka.
Issued the Third Private Placement Bond(debenture) with bank gurantee.
Opening of Tokyo Office.
Approved Certification for Japanese Seafood Export to EU, and starting to export to EU.
Started firming in Japan new hybrid fish, crossing epinephelus bruneus and giant grouper First successful attempt in Japan