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IYOSUI’s spirit – Our core values

Across the ocean, bringing joy to the world. Exploring the Possibility of the Sea.

This corporate slogan was created at the time of foundation of IYOSUI.
Being an island nation, Japan is blessed with abundant marine resources.
Throughout the history, we have developed a rich marines based culinary culture.
Over the centuries, we have developed and refined the art of cooking and fish-breeding technology; thus, enriched the flavors.

Oceans bring life not only to Japan but to the entire world.
Respect and embrace the oceans and work for a sustainable use of its recourses connects everyone around the world.
The understanding of “Across the ocean bringing joy to the world” is what we at IYOSUI strive for in life and in business.

CEO Tatsuya Ogihara

Message from IYOSUI – Our core values

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