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Overseas Business Department : Import & Export Channel utilizing mobility

Overseas Business department plays a trading channel for the departments of live fish, processed goods, fresh fish, seeds and seedling, and feed. In fact, this is the department where we can make the most of our mobility, and based on that, we every day dispatch our products to all over the world through a good coordination with each department. We import and export seedlings and live fishery products via live fish transportation ship of affiliated companies as well as our own live fish carrier. Likewise, frozen processed goods and feed are carried via a reefer ship. In addition, we accommodate a bonded warehouse where we directly handle customs clearance via NACCS system.

Office for Planning : Plan and propose long loved products

Collecting information internally or externally, this is the department where we make a strategic marketing plan and sales plan, together with coming up with new ideas and proposals. The entire marketing planning is managed, which our sales staffs fully utilize not only on new business development but to provide detailed support to customers on our products. We also focus on assisting the customers to become more familiar and comfortable with fish itself by utilizing customer feedback and learn the needs that change along with time. And that allows us to share ideas to improve the product quality and provide a simply tasty and yet long-loved products to the customers. What we are required in this current economic environment which changes all the time is an ability to flexibly and rapidly adapt to the new business style brought by such changes. Assuming the role we take a part in as a company to sustain and further develop, we shall be open to new ideas because we believe such creativity and originality will add a significant asset to our company.